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Prism Cycles, site in Cork (Ireland) for sale of customizable fixed bikes online: multicolored and modular logo, in the spirit of its website.

Progetto solubile, a cultural association aiming to create mixes between the world of art, illustration, digital publishing and the world around it.

Simultaneamente is the studio of Michela Benuzzi, a conference interpreter and translator for English and French languages: the S becomes the bridge between two different languages and cultures.

Platform Green is an online platform entirely dedicated to the themes of nature and landscape with the aim of sharing, promoting, diffusing, and inquiring into the creative figures who apply these values of respect.

Across Duo, duo of classical baroque music, viola and violin: the plus sign stands for cross and for cross between bow and violin.

Risparmio&Calore is a unique technology that saves thermal energy with the same comfort.

OTTO is both a shop where you can buy the products of the agritourism company and a kitchen where you can taste their typical emotions of taste.

Sicurezza Service is a sales shop and specialized in assistance on safes and anti-theft systems.

Booja, collective of creatives (illustrators and graphic designers) based in Turin: B as a pencil.

Autentich is a brand new company dealing with trading of fruit for industry and production of organic fruit juices and fruit purees.

Debora Zavaglia, fashion designer who combines fine fabrics with youthful cuts: Z as a yarn.

PCLP, a Turin studio of artistic creations ranging from visual art to graphic design, from illustration to photography.

Restyling of the logo of one of the most important Italian modern art galleries: for a classic gallery, a classic font par excellence, the Bodoni.

Velòve is an environmental organization whose main purpose is to spread the bicycle as an ecological means of transport, within a framework of redevelopment of the environment.


A selection of logos designed for different customers.